Vol. 1 No. 1 (2011)

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Owl, Florida State University’s only undergraduate research journal! We are honored to present this first edition to you and the entire community of Florida State Seminoles, whether student, faculty, or administration.

This we believe: The Owl highlights the finest quality of our beloved university by showcasing the pinnacle of academic research, intellectual curiosity, and artistic talent. Beyond the articles and original works of art themselves, we hope you are awakened to the powerful conversation occurring at Florida State University amongst emerging scholars at the undergraduate level. The students at our university possess brilliance no less than their peers at any other university, and this journal is proof-positive of that reality.

After two years of extensive development, The Owl is pleased to facilitate the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas happening presently and those that will transpire in the years to come. The Owl is so named after the original seal employed from 1851 to 1901 by West Florida Seminary. Anchored in the history and tradition of our institution, the journal is illuminated by the brightest minds of our student body today, with a sharp eye to the future.

We humbly believe The Owl captures the character and vitality of Florida State University. May the vigorous research and sophisticated works of art be first words in the long chorus of praise for this magnificent institution! 

Published: 2011-03-01