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 Faculty Advisors

 Dr. Craig Filar, Ph.D. • Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Director, Office of National Fellowships


 Dr. Annette Schwabe, Ph.D. • Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Director, FSU Honors Program

  Editor in Chief | Trystan Loustau

  Associate Editors

     Caitlin Blanchard

Caitlin Blanchard is in her third year studying biology while minoring in both chemistry and Spanish. She learned to love research through UROP, where she studied how psychological strengths impact patients with heart disease under Dr. Amy Ai. Caitlin is part of Florida State’s Honors College, is a Freshman Interest Group leader, is part of the Medical Response Unit at Florida State, is part of the Pre-Dental Society, and enjoys her job as a hostess. She plans on applying to dental school next summer and plans on attending the following year to become a dentist or endodontist.   

      Isha Chekuri

Isha Chekuri is a sophomore, majoring in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience with a minor in chemistry and general business. Her research interests are quite extensive, from translational research to clinical psychology. In the past, she has researched the regenerative properties of exosomes in treating myocarditis under Dr. Katelyn Bruno in Dr. DeLisa Fairweather’s Cardiovascular lab at Mayo Clinic. She is currently researching in Dr. Natalie Sachs-Ericsson Psychology lab under the mentorship of Melissa Meynadasy. Isha plans to attend medical school to pursue an MD and to continue research throughout her career in the clinical setting. 

     Catherine Cosgrove

Catherine Cosgrove is a fourth-year student majoring in Literature/Media/Culture and Sociology. Her research experiences include working on Schools, Social Media, and Students (Dr. Dennen and Dr. Rutledge) to study the social and educational landscape of high school social media use, a summer grant focusing on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic (Dr. Dennen and Dr. Rutledge), and violent women in contemporary American literature for her honors thesis (Dr. Robin Goodman). She is a humanities UROP leader and works for the Kudzu review. Catherine plans to attend graduate school and eventually teach.

      Tyla Dolezel

Tyla is a fourth-year student majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and minoring in Chemistry. Her research experience is in Dr. Linda Rinaman’s lab, where she focuses on hindbrain GLP-1 and noradrenergic A2 neurons and their role in feeding and anxiety-like behaviors. She is a member of Nu Rho Psi, the National Honor Society in Neuroscience, and serves as an NRP Mentor for freshman and sophomore neuroscience majors. She has also been an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the lab component of Physiological Psychology, a neuroanatomy lab using sheep brains, since Spring 2020. After graduation, Tyla plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience.

      Elena Gurau

Elena is a third-year senior from Miami, Florida studying Political Science with minors in Humanities and Law and Society. As a freshman, she served as a Student Government senator as well as an editor for the Kudzu Review. In her sophomore year, she completed the RIBC program and completed an internship at Liebenhaut Law. She hopes to go to law school after she graduates.

      Matthew Masa

Matthew Masa is a fourth-year Political Science student with a minor in Urban & Regional Planning.  His experience includes evaluating and revising the Providence Neighborhood First Initiative Community Engagement Strategy as well as St. Mark’s National Wildlife Comprehension Plan (both under Dr. Holmes).  Matthew’s interests include community activism, transportation policy, and Russian literature.  After graduation, Matthew plans to pursue a MSP in Urban & Regional Planning.

      Vinnie Vassalotti

Hey! I am Vinchenzo Vassalotti, but I go by “Vinnie”. I am a second-year, but an academic junior. I have been involved in UROP, and I am the Vice President of Communications for Omicron Delta Kappa here at FSU! I am a psychology major with a minor in criminology, and I am hoping to attend grad school for my PhD in clinical psych somewhere on the north-west coast. My ultimate goal is to become a professor and, one day, teach abroad. I love research and writing is a hobby of mine, so I look forward to collaborating with you!

      Caitlin Violette


Caitlin Violette is a fourth-year psychology student minoring in biological science. Her research experience includes studying social media use in high school students and how it relates to visible and invisible communities (under Dr. Vanessa Dennen and Dr. Stacey Rutledge) and in behavioral coding of the early red flags of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with the FSU College of Medicine, Autism Institute (under Charly Nottke, M.S.). She is a member of the Torchbearer 100, Psi Chi, and is a second-year UROP Leader. After graduation, Caitlin plans to pursue a Ph.D. in School Psychology.  

Project Coordinators

     Naomi Coté

Naomi Coté is a third year English Education major with aspirations to become a teacher after graduating with her master’s degree. She has been involved in the research process through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program where, under Dr. Miranda Waggoner, she analyzed the social impact of scientific language used to describe fetal programming. Because of her passion for teaching, she is continually looking at new research in the education field and its relevance for helping teachers and students alike.

     Shrivathsan Margam

Shrivathsan Margam S is a third-year International Affairs and Management Information Systems student. While in UROP,  he (under Dr. Mrinmoyee Bhattacharya) researched the early phase of the French Revolution through its visual culture. He is an Honors student with a particular interest in the effect of present interest payments on future sovereign borrowing. Following graduation, Shrivathsan plans to apply to law school.

    Carly Mayzum

Carly Mayzum is a second-year behavioral neuroscience student. She participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program where she assisted Mert Bilgin in his research involving enhanced milieu teaching and experience books to improve the verbal skills of children with both developmental disabilities and visual impairments. She is also involved with Dance Marathon, Hands of Hope, and is an Honors Colloquium Leader. After graduation, Carly plans to attend graduate school in hopes of becoming a genetic counselor. 

    Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith is a fourth-year psychology student minoring in child development. Her research experience includes experimenting the role of the testing effect in memory (under Dr. Colleen Kelley). Hannah’s interests include studying therapy techniques for children with a neurodevelopmental disorder. After graduation, Hannah plans to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology specializing in children and adolescents. 


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