Vol. 25 (2007)
Issue Description

Inscribing Order: The Didactic Function of the Walters Art Museums MS 73, Jennifer M. Feltman

The Parish Monstrance of St. Kolumba: Community Pride and Eucharistic Devotion in Cologne around 1400, Heather McCune Bruhn

A Woman Enthroned: Margaret of York and the Recuyell Engraving, Lee Todd

The Social Mapping of Self and Other: Cross Purposes and Double Mistaken Identity in Colonial Mexico and Europe, Jamie Ratliff

Bruegel’s Cripples and Early Modern Humor, Yemi Onafuwa

Gerrit Dou’s Niche Pictures: Pictorial Repetition as Marketing Strategy, Angelo Ho

Genre-Portraits and Market Value: Emanuel de Witte’s Portrait of Adriana van Heusden and Her Daughter at the New Amsterdam Fishmarket, 1661-63, Michelle Moseley Christian

The Validation of Terracotta in Eighteenth-Century Image and Text, Lauren R. Cannady

The Wonderful Works of Omnipotency: T. Addison Richards and the Aura of the Romantic Southern Landscape, Adam H. Veil

Femme Fatale: Guilty as Charged?, Mary Vens

Imagining the Landscape as Feminine: A Series of Nudes by Franz Roh, Elizabeth Cronin

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