Vol. 23 (2005)
Issue Description

The Art of Divination in Indegenous America—A Comparison of Ancient Mexican and Modern Kuna Pictography, Alessia Frassani

Classical Chastity and Chivalric Tradition: Pisanello’s Portrait Medal of Cecilia Gonzaga, Tanja L. Jones

Knot(s) Made by Human Hands: Copying, Invention, and Intellect in the Work of Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer, Eileen Costello

Caravaggio’s Capitoline Saint John: An Emblematic Image of Divine Love, Shannon Pritchard

“Virtue must be hir chiefest garnish”—Rules for Painting an Early Stuart Lady as Evidenced by Larkin’s Mary Curzon, Jennifer L. Hallam

Invention and the Court Copyist: David Teniers the Younger and Gallery Paintings, Andrea Keppers

Luisa Roldán’s Terracottas: Result of Failure or Strategy for Success?, Casey Gardonio-Foat

Picturing American Femininity: Addressing the Body of Alfred Stieglitz’s Portrait of Georgia O’Keeffe, Sandra Zalman

Identity and the Artist: Soviet and Post-Soviet Sots, Kristen Williams Backer

You Make Me Fell Like a Natural Transgendered Person: Contemporary Photography and the Construction of Queer(ed) Identities, Stefanie Snider

Misremembering Racial Histories: The Role of the Viewer in Kara Walker’s The Emancipation Approximation, Nathan J. Timpano

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