Studies on some species of the Xiphinema americanum group (Nematoda, Dorylaimida) occurring in Florida


  • F. Lamberti
  • F. de Luca
  • S. Molinari
  • L. W. Duncan
  • A. Agostinelli
  • M. I. Coiro
  • D. Dunn
  • V. Radicci


The study of the morphometrics of putative Xiphinema americanum group populations collected in various habitats in Florida, United States of America, revealed the presence of four species: X. citricolum Lamberti et Bleve-Zacheo, 1979; X. floridae Lamberti et Bleve -Zacheo, 1979; X. georgianum Lamberti et Bleve-Zacheo, 1979 and X. laevistriatum Lamberti et Bleve-Zacheo, 1979. The relationships of these species with X. americanum sensu stricto and similar species are discussed. It is shown for the first time that X. citricoluĀ»z and X. laevistriatum have three juvenile stages. The SOD isozyme iso-electrofocusing patterns also separated the studied populations into four groups; however, it confirmed only partially the morphotypes. The analysis of the ribosomal DNA of seven populations characterized three groups identifying X. floridae, X. citricolum and X. laevistriatum. However, one population morphometrically identified as X. laevistriatum presented a pattern as X. citricolum.