Cultural and Spatial Perceptions of Miami’s Little Havana


  • Hilton Cordoba Florida Atlantic University
  • Russell Ivy Florida Atlantic University
  • Maria Fadiman Florida Atlantic University


Miami’s ‘Little Havana’ is known by many for its famous Southwest 8th Street, the Calle Ocho festival, and for the many Latin people, particularly Cubans, that live in the area. However, the current name of the neighborhood hides all of the dynamics of neighborhood change and creates the notion that Little Havana is a static monoculture. This study measured people’s perception of Little Havana by surveying 153 residents to identify the cultural associations and to capture the participant’s spatial perceptions of Little Havana. This study found that survey participants from inside the study area associated Little Havana more with Cuban culture and had more positive things to say about the neighborhood. Finally, this study suggests that the core of Little Havana was encompassed by West Flagler Street on the north, Southwest 8th Street on the south, Southwest 27th Avenue on the west, and Southwest 4th Avenue on the east.