Journal History

Welcome to Florida Entomologist, the first refereed, natural science journal on the Internet.

Florida Entomologist is:

  • the first journal to put its contents on the Internet in PDF format,

  • the first life science journal to have all current and back issues on the Web with free access,

  • the first entomological journal to allow authors to archive supplemental digital material with their articles,

  • the first freely accessible journal hosted by BioOne

Florida Entomologist is the official journal of the Florida Entomological Society (FES). Volumes 1–3 were published under the name Florida Buggist. The Florida Entomological Society still produces the traditionally printed version of Florida Entomologist, but you can also view, search, or print any article published since June 1917 by accessing online files. Web access was made possible by the Society’s electronic publication project begun in 1993 (see below for more details).

Florida Entomologist —"An International Journal for the Americas"— is the official journal of the Florida Entomological Society and is published quarterly. Articles published in the Florida Entomologist reflect all aspects of basic and applied entomological and acarological science of relevance to Florida agriculture, urban environments, and natural resources. Research from the southeastern U.S., the Caribbean region, and Mexico is particularly invited as these areas are important sources of invasive species in Florida. First reports of species in new geographic regions will not be accepted.

Information about the editorial staff can be found at this link

FES's electronic publication project

Online publication was undertaken by the Florida Entomological Society to further the vision, stated below, of the future of primary scientific publication:

Online publication of Florida Entomologist is a joint project of the Florida Entomological Society and the Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative. Since 1994, E. O. Painter Printing Company has used the files that produce the printed version to generate the Portable Document Format (PDF) and other files for the electronic version. Electronic publication of Florida Entomologist began 28 Nov 1994, when the September 1994 issue (vol. 77, no. 3) was made available online, and all subsequent issues were made available online shortly after the printed issues were mailed.

In 1996, FES began to investigate ways to put early issues online. Because pages in issues published prior to June 1994 were composed by cut-and-paste rather than electronically, they had to be scanned prior to conversion to PDF files. In 1997, a pilot project to establish the feasibility and cost was completed and two back issues were put online. Early in 1998, the Society raised the funds required to scan and index all back issues.

From 1994 through 2000, all articles in the Florida Entomologist were made freely accessible on the Internet with no increase in author fees. In 2001, because of declining revenues from library subscriptions, an obligatory IFWA (Immediate Free Web Access) fee was imposed.

In 2002, FES chose to make Florida Entomologist freely accessible on BioOne, an aggregation of electronic versions of more than 60 bioscience journals, to which more than 440 libraries subscribe. Patrons of subscribing libraries can access the full text of articles in all BioOne journals. Non-patrons are usually restricted to viewing the abstracts. On 28 March 2003, Florida Entomologist became the first journal on BioOne to allow open access to the full text of its articles.


The "Florida Entomologist" continues the "Florida Buggist," which ran from 1917 to 1920 (vols 1 to 3).

Florida Buggist ISSN: 1930-4013
Florida Buggist (online) ISSN: 2163-632X