Improved Performance via the Inverted Classroom


  • Randy D. Weinstein Villanova University • Villanova, PA 19085


This study examined student performance in an inverted thermodynamics course (lectures provided by video outside of class) compared to a traditional lecture class. Students in the inverted class performed better on their exams. Students in the bottom third of the inverted course showed the greatest improvement. These bottom third students had a C exam average compared to a D+ average of their traditional lecture counterparts. When material was presented in videos longer than 15 minutes, students did not perform as well when compared to material presented in shorter videos. Students also needed to be quizzed on video material frequently to incentivize the students to keep up with the video lectures and spend the time to comprehend the material presented outside of class.

Author Biography

Randy D. Weinstein, Villanova University • Villanova, PA 19085

Randy D. Weinstein is a professor of chemical engineering at Villanova University. He is former department chair and is currently serving as the associate dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Engineering. He received his B.S. degree from the University of Virginia and his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research areas include the fields of supercritical fluids, nanomaterials, and thermal management of electronics.