Ultrafiltration of Dairy Products as a ChE Laboratory Experiment


  • Thomas D. Conlee Manhattan College
  • Helen C. Hollein Manhattan College
  • Charles H. Gooding Clemson University
  • C. Stewart Slater Rowan University


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Author Biographies

Thomas D. Conlee, Manhattan College

Thomas D. Conlee is currently employed as an environmental engineer at Tosco Refining Company, where he is working on ground water compliance. His job entails assuring that the refinery is in compliance with local ground water regulations. He earned his BS degree in chemical engineering from Manhattan College and completed a senior honors project on membrane process technology.

Helen C. Hollein, Manhattan College

Helen C. Hollein is Professor and Chair of the Chemical Engineering Department, and Director of the Biotechnology Program, at Manhattan College. She earned her MS and DEngSc degrees from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and her BSChE from the University of South Carolina. Her research and teaching interests are in biochemical engineering and bioseparations, and she is active in curriculum and laboratory development.

Charles H. Gooding, Clemson University

Charles H. Gooding is Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Clemson University. He earned his BS and MS degrees from Clemson University and his PhD from North Carolina State University. His primary research interets are membrane separation processes, including nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, pervaporation, and gas separation systems; mathematical analysis of membrane processes; and environmental applications of membrane technology.

C. Stewart Slater, Rowan University

C. Stewart Slater is Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Rowan University. He received his BS, MS, MPh, and PhD degrees from Rutgers University. His research and teaching interests are in separation and purification technology, laboratory development, and investigating novel processes for interdisciplinary fields such as biotechnology and environmental engineering.