The Importance of System Selection on Compressible Flow Analysis: Filling Vessels


  • S.E. Forrester University of Newcastle
  • G.M. Evans University of Newcastle


This experiment examines the temperature rise associated with the pressurizing of a vessel.  Thermodynamic analysis is presented based on a "system" that also includes the vessel wall, which is beneath the insulation and in contact with the incoming air stream.  The model predictions of a few degrees Celcius temperature rise over a 100 psi pressure range are in good agreement with experimental results and orders of magnitude less than predictions that exclude the vessel wall.

Author Biographies

S.E. Forrester, University of Newcastle

Stephanie E. Forrester is a Research Associate in Chemical Engineering at The University of Newcastle, Australia. She obtained her education from the Universities of Edinburgh (BE Hons) and Cambridge (PhD). Her research and teaching interests include fluid mechanics and computational modeling.

G.M. Evans, University of Newcastle

Geoffrey M. Evans is a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at The University of Newcastle, Australia. He obtained his education from the University of Newcastle (BE Hons and PhD) and has been a faculty member since 1985. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and multiphase systems.