A Choose/Focus/Analyze Exercise in ChE Undergraduate Courses


  • G.K. Sureshkumar Indian Institute of Technology


To develop the skills of creativity, rational choice, focus, analysis, etc., in students, and to make them appreciate the course material effectively, for the past four years a Choose/Focus/Analyze (CFA) exercise has been assigned to students taking chemical engineering undergraduate courses such as Material and Energy Balances and Engineering Thermodynamics.  The need for the CFA exercise, the methodology, and the outcomes are discussed, along with summaries of selected student exercises.   A similar exercise for courses with limited depth is also briefly discussed.

Author Biography

G.K. Sureshkumar, Indian Institute of Technology

G.K. Sureshkumar is an Associate Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department and an Associate faculty member in the Biotechnology Center at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He received his BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and his PhD from Drexel University. His current research interests are mainly in free radical mediated optimal operation of bioreactors. Professor Sureshkumar can be contacted at <gksuresh @che.iitb.ernet.in>