Web-Based VR-Form Virtual Laboratory


  • Dong Yabo Zhejiang University
  • Zhu Miaoliang Zhejiang University


Since they are an important educational method, online virtual experiments systems have been developed in recent years.  For the sake of aiding the education of undergraduate’s experiments, we have developed an infrastructure of Web-Based VR-Form Virtual Laboratory (WBVL).  Using this infrastructure, we have successfully implemented several virtual chemical experiments.  WBVL’s features, system structure, set-up, and operational model are described in this paper.

Author Biographies

Dong Yabo, Zhejiang University

Dong Yabo holds an MS in EE and is now a PhD candidate in Computer Science & Engineering. His research interests involve the application of Internet-Based Virtual Reality to distance education and embedded systems. <yabodong@263.net>

Zhu Miaoliang, Zhejiang University

Zhu Miaoliang holds an MS degree in computer science from Zhejiang University (1981 ). He is presently a professor in the Computer Science & Engineering Department at Zhejiang University He has been a visiting professor at several U.S. universities, including Maryland, Missouri, Kansas, and RPI. <Zhum@zju.edu.cn>