Making Phase Equilibrium More User-Friendly


  • Michael J. Misovich Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


Students often have difficulty conceptualizing many of the abstract concepts used in phase equilibrium calculations.  This problem may be overcome by emphasizing the connection between abstract variables such as fugacity and physically measurable variables such as temperature, pressure, and composition.  Graphics generated by computer spreadsheets may be helpful in understanding the significance of abstract variables without the overwhelming time burden of hand calculation or plotting.  Many students have a visual learning style and more effectively process graphical information as compared to equations.  These techniques may assist students to develop intuitive understanding of phase equilibrium in addition to calculational skills.

Author Biography

Michael J. Misovich, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Michael Misovich will be Associate Professor in the Physics and Engineering Department of Hope College in August, 2002. His research interests include thermodynamic property predictions from equations of state, physical chemistry of polymer solutions, chemical engineering education, and its assessment.