A Fluidized Bed Adsorption Laboratory Experiment


  • Pamela R. Wright Rutgers University
  • Xue Liu Rutgers University
  • Benjamin J. Glasser Rutgers University


This paper describes an experiment that exposes students to the basic principles of fluidized or expanded bed adsorption. In the experiment, students study the relation of the linear velocity and the buffer viscosity to the expanded bed height by simple bed operation, the flow hydrodynamics of the bed by tracer studies, and the protein adsorption characteristics by frontal analysis of breakthrough curves. The experiment helps students to put together concepts they have learned in separate courses in fluid mechanics, mass transfer, separations, and reaction engineering.

Author Biographies

Pamela R. Wright, Rutgers University

Pamela R. Wright received her BS from the University of Maryland, her MS from Stevens Institute of Technology, and her PhD from Rutgers University She is currently a Director at Centocor Inc., where she works in the area of biotechnology

Xue Liu, Rutgers University

Xue Liu received his BS and MS from Tsinghua University (China). Currently he isa PhD student at Rutgers  University His research is in the field of gas-particle flows in fluidized beds and risers.

Benjamin J. Glasser, Rutgers University

Benjamin J. Glasser is Associate Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Rutgers University. He earned degrees in chemical engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand (BS, MS) and Princeton University (PhD). His research interests include gas-particle flows, granular flows, multiphase reactors, and nonlinear dynamics of transport processes.