An Introductory Course in Bioengineering and Biotechnology for Chemical Engineering Sophomores


  • Kim C. O’Connor Tulane University


Advances in the biological sciences necessitate the training of chemical engineers to translate these fundamental discoveries into applications that will benefit society. Accordingly, Tulane University revised its core chemical engineering curriculum in 2005 to include a new introductory course in bioengineering and biotechnology for sophomores. The unique features of this course are the extent to which it integrates bioengineering and biotechnology topics, and emphasizes the development of problem-solving and computational skills at the sophomore level.

Author Biography

Kim C. O’Connor, Tulane University

Kim O'Connor is a professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Tulane University and is a graduate of Rice University (B.S. '82) • and the California Institute of Technology (Ph.D. '87). Her postdoctoral training is in molecular and cellular biology, and her research interests are cell and tissue engineering. Her awards include Tulane Health Sciences Award for Leadership and Excellence in lntercampus Collaborative Research and Lee H. Johnson Award for Teaching Excellence.