Humidification, a True “Home” Problem For a Chemical Engineer


  • Jean-Stéphane Condoret University of Toulouse


The problem of maintaining hygrothermal comfort in a house is addressed using the chemical engineer’s toolbox. A simple dynamic modelling proved to give a good description of the humidification of the house in winter, using a domestic humidifier. Parameters of the model were identified from a simple experiment. Surprising results, especially concerning the duration, the water quantities involved and the energetic cost of the process, are pointed out together with their physical explanation.

Author Biography

Jean-Stéphane Condoret, University of Toulouse

is a professor of chemical engineering at the Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse (France). He graduated in 1977 from the Institut de Génie Chimique, in Toulouse. His Ph.D. thesis dealt with heat and mass transfer in packed beds. Since 1987, he has been involved in supercritical technology for chemistry and biochemistry.






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