The Impact of an Assessment Certificate on Faculty Perceptions and Knowledge


  • Jennifer L. Restrepo Florida International University
  • Katherine Perez, EdD Florida International University
  • Eilyn Sanabria Florida International University
  • Suzanne Lebin Florida International University



Administrators are struggling to understand how to best promote and implement a culture of evidence-based decision making to stakeholders. The research study presented explored best practices on creating meaningful professional development experiences using both direct and indirect evidence of learning -- this article will describe the effectiveness of a certificate program designed to educate faculty about assessment and its impact on faculty learning gains, perceptions, and self-efficacy. The study used a pre-/post-test design to measure participant knowledge using quizzes for each of the four modules of the certificate and participant perceptions using a survey. The modules covered writing student learning and program outcomes, curriculum mapping, developing assessment methods, creating assessment instruments, collecting data, analyzing and reporting results, and using results for improvement. Certificate completers demonstrated increased knowledge of assessment terminology, procedures, and best practices, as well as improved assessment-related self-efficacy. However, their perception regarding assessment did not change. Data gathered through this study can help inform decisions on needed assessment-related faculty professional development activities.

Author Biographies

Katherine Perez, EdD, Florida International University

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Eilyn Sanabria, Florida International University

Senior Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness

Suzanne Lebin, Florida International University

Program Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness