Editorial Team

The Florida Atlantic University Undergraduate Law Journal (ULJ) is published annually in the Spring by the campus organization of the same name. The ULJ’s editorial process includes revision and review by both students and faculty members. The purpose of the ULJ is to provide an environment and forum for the scholarly inquiry and study of current legal subjects. The ULJ strives for diversification in its journal; the accepted articles can pertain to any legal discipline and can be submitted by an undergraduate student of any major. The most exceptional articles from undergraduate authors are published in the annual journal. In publishing the journal, the ULJ hopes to stimulate and sustain undergraduate law discussion and education at FAU.

Editor in Chief

Sayd Hussain, 2020-2021

Managing Editor

Kevin Lopez Pelaez, 2020-2021

Faculty Advisor

Cheryl Arflin, J.D.

Anthony Horky, Esq.

Editorial Staff

(Lead Editor) Zachary Gorlach, 2020-2021

(Associate Editor) Alisha Motiwala, 2020-2021

(Associate Editor) Gianna Matteodo, 2020-2021

(Associate Editor) Carisse Joseph, 2020-2021


Kadah Marshall, 2020-2021


Jaylene Kennedy, 2020-2021