A recently discovered subspecies of <i>Pyrisitia euterpiformis</i> Munroe (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) from Jamaica, West Indies


  • Thomas W. Turner


Acacia scrub, weakly flying, Pyrisitia, subspecies, Jamaica, Hispaniola


In 2011, while surveying the Lepidoptera present in an arid, south coast locality east of the village of Alligator Pond, Manchester Parish, Jamaica, some small, pale yellow Pyrisitia Butler with weak flight were observed flying low to the ground, in and out of the margins of acacia scrub. These butterflies were noticeably smaller than the more brightly colored Pyrisitia lisa euterpe (Ménétriès) that were also present. Examination suggests this insect is very similar to P. euterpiformis (Munroe) of Hispaniola but with some differences. The Jamaican insect is named P. euterpiformis turlandi Turner, ssp. nov.