Biology and taxonomic status of the skipper, <i>Mimene wara, </i>from eastern Papua New Guinea (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae).


  • A. Atkins


Anisynta, Arecaceae, Australian, Herimosa, Hesperiinae, Hesperilla, immatures, Kobrona, larvae, Lomandraceae, Melanesia, Mimene, Morobe, Motasingha, Oceania, Oreisplanus, Palmae, Papuan, Plastingia, Prada, Rachelia, Sabera, Suniana, Taractrocera, taxonomy, Telicota, Tiacellia, Trapezitinae


A female skipper is described from the sub-alpine forests of Mt. Gumi in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Some details of its morphology and life history are illustrated. The specimen is tentatively assigned to the Hesperiinae genus Mimene (Joicey and Talbot) on the basis of adult morphology, and appears closest to the species M. wara (Parsons), known only from the male holotype. Discussion is given on the paucity of material and biological data of Melanesian skipper butterflies resulting in some ill-defined taxonomic placement of genera and species groups. Allied Papuan and Australian genera are compared.