Scientific Note: On the biology of moths that feed on <i>Erythrina</i> in Florida.


  • A. Sourakov


anatomy, cocoon building, coral bean, Crambidae, ecology, egg, immature stages, larva, Lepidoptera, Lyonetiidae, morphology, niche partitioning, pupa, sexual dimorphism


New studies on the life histories of erythrina leafroller Agathodes designalis, and erythrina borer Terastia meticulosalis (Crambidae), conducted in Florida, complement previous literature accounts. Specifically, oviposition, egg morphology, survival of larvae, and pupation behavior of these two closely related species are discussed. Another unrelated micro-moth species - erythrina leafminer, Leucoptera erythrinella (Lyonetiidae) - also uses coral bean as its hostplant, utilizing this resource in a manner that minimizes interspecific competition witht the abovementioned crambids. New studies on life history of L. erythrinella are presented, including illustrations of the immature stages, and sexual dimorphism.