Notes on life histories of Satyrinae in the Solomon Islands (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae).


  • A. Sourakov
  • T. C. Emmel


Argyronympha, biogeography, eggs, Erebiini, Hypocystini, immatures, larvae, life histories, Mycalesini, Mycalesis, Orsotriaena, pupae, Solomon Islands, taxonomy


Immature stages of Mycalesis splendent, M. interrupta, M. perseus, Orsotriaena medus, and Argyronympha pulchra from the Solomon Islands are described, and the taxonomic implications of these data are discussed. Mycalesis and Orsotriaena exhibit similarities to other Mycalesini, such as the African genus Bicyclus, but also show strong intrageneric differences and affinity of Orsotriaena to other primitive satyrine tribes. Argyronympha shares some characters with other advanced Satyrinae (e.g., Erebiini of the Holarctic region). Divergence of immature stages found in different members of M. splendens group supports splitting taxonomic decisions made by the previous authors based on adult morphology.