Five new riodinid species from the Napo region of Ecuador and Peru (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae).


  • J. P. W. Hall
  • D. J. Harvey


bioinventory, Bolivia, Brazil, Calospila napoensis n. sp., Colombia, Ecuador, Euselasia michaeli n. sp., Euselasia rufomarginata n. sp., Mesosemia kahuapayani n. sp., Mesosemia quadralineata n. sp., Neotropical, South America, taxonomy


Five new riodinid species in the genera Euselasia Hübner, [1819] (Euselasia michaeli n. sp. and Euselasia rufomarginata n. sp.), Mesosemia Hübner, [1819] (Mesosemia kahuapayani n. sp. and Mesosemia quadralineata n. sp.), and Calospila Geyer, [1832] (Calospila napoensis n. sp.), are described from the Napo river region of Ecuador and northern Peru. We make the following nomenclatural changes: Mesosemia materna Stichel, 1909, and M. subtilis Stichel, 1909 = M. thymetus umbrosa Stichel, 1909 (n. syns.), M. sylvina Bates, 1868 = M. cippus Hewitson, 1859 (n. syn.), Calospila cerealis (Hewitson, 1863) = C. rhesa (Hewitson, 1858) (n. syn.), and C. pirene (Godman, 1903) and C. caecina (C. & R. Felder, 1865) are reinstated to species status (stat. revs.).