<i>Cromarcha stroudagnesia, </i>a new Chrysaugine species boring in shoots of <i>Tabebuia ochracea</i> (Bignoniaceae) in a Costa Rica dry forest (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Chrysauginae).


  • M. A. Solis
  • J. J. Sullivan
  • D. H. Janzen


biology, Braconidae, Central America, chaetotaxy, Chalcidoidea, Clydonopteron, Cromarcha stroudagnesia nsp, Cryploses, Guanacaste, Hymenoptera, immatures, larva, Mesoamerica, Mexico, Neotropical, parasitoids, pupa, Santa Rosa, taxonomy


Cromarcha stroudagnesia Solis, n. sp., from the dry-forested Pacific coastal lowlands of northwestern to central Costa Rica and from the state of Jalisco in Mexico is described. Information on the biology and immature stages is also presented. The larvae bore inside the shoots of new rainy season growth of Tabebuia ochracea (Bignoniaceae) saplings. T. ochracea is known as corteza amarilla and is a tropical timber tree in Costa Rica.