Three new species of Riodinini from the cloud forests of Ecuador (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae).


  • J. P. W. Hall
  • K. R. Willmott


Argentina, Baeotis attali n. sp., bait trapping, behavior, Bolivia, Brazil, Chalodeta pescada n. sp., Colombia, Exoplisia, Imelda, Lasaia cutisca n. sp., Neotropical, Paraguay, Peru, South America, taxonomy, Uruguay, Venezuela


Three new species of the tribe Riodinini, in the genera Baeotis Hübner, [1819] (Baeotis attali n. sp.), Lasaia Bates, 1868 (Lasaia cutisca n. sp.), and Chalodeta Stichel, 1910 (Chalodeta pescada n. sp.), are described from east Andean cloud forest habitats in Ecuador. Comparative taxa are also illustrated, including Baeotis kadenii (C. & R. Felder, 1861) (n. comb.), which is transferred from Imelda Hewitson, 1870, Lasaia incoides Schaus, 1902 (n. comb.), which is transferred from Exoplisia Godman & Salvin, 1886, and Lasaia scotina Stichel, 1910, which is synonymised with Lasaia incoides (n. syn.).