<i>Amblyscirtes patricias: </i>description of the female<i> </i>and notes on its synonymy, behavior,<i> </i>habitat and distribution in Mexico<i> </i>(Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae).


  • A. D. Warren


biogeography, Central America, Chiapas, Codatractus, Colima, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guerrero, Jalisco, Mesoamerica, Morelos, Neotropical, Oaxaca, Phanus, "Poanes", Puebla, taxonomy


A careful examination of recently collected Amblyscirtes immaculatus Freeman specimens from western Mexico, coupled with an examination of the type specimen of Amblyscirtes patriciae (Bell) (especially its genitalic characters), from Guatemala, revealed that patriciae and immaculatus are undoubtedly the same species. Amblyscirtes immaculatus, therefore, becomes a new synonym of Amblyscirtes patriciae. The female of A. patriciae is described for the first time, from a single specimen from Michoacán, Mexico. Notes on the habitat, perching behavior, and distribution of A. patriciae in western Mexico are presented. The male genitalia of A. patriciae are compared to the genitalia of other similar, large Amblyscirtes from western Mexico: A. folia Godman and A. raphaeli Freeman.

Un examen de ejemplares recien recolectados de Amblyscirtes immaculatus Freeman, con la comparacion del tipo de Amblyscirtes patriciae (Bell), especialmente sus genitales, revelaron que A. patriciae e A. immaculatus son la misma especie. For consiguiente Amblyscirtes immaculatus es un sinonimo nuevo de Amblyscirtes patriciae. Se describe la hembra de A. patriciae por primera vez, a partir de un solo ejemplar de Michoacán, Mexico. Se presentan notas sobre el habitat, la conducta de percha, y la distribution de A. patriciae del occidente de Mexico. Se comparan los genitales masculines de A. patriciae con los genitales de especies similares de Amblyscirtes de tamano grande del occidente de Mexico, A. folia Godman y A. raphaeli Freeman.