Theclinae of Rondônia, Brazil: <i>Iaspis </i>Kaye, taxonomic comments and descriptions of new species (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).


  • G. T. Austin
  • K. Johnson


Ecuador, Eumaeini, Iaspis ambiguanota n sp, Iaspis flava n sp, Iaspis fumosa n sp, Iaspis grandis n sp, Iaspis minuta n sp, Iaspis ornata n sp, Iaspis purpurata n sp, Iaspis rubricunda n sp, Iaspis rufa n sp, Iaspis sinenota n sp, Neotropical, Rhamma, Thecla


Iaspis is a colorful genus of Neotropical Theclinae (Lycaenidae). The seven previously recognized species are briefly characterized and two additional species, Thecla exiguus H. H. Druce and Thecla castimonia H. H. Druce, newly associated with the genus based on examinations of types and other material. Lectotypes are designated for Thecla beera Hewitson, T. castitas H. H. Druce and T. verania Hewitson. Twelve species of Iaspis were found during studies near Cacaulandia, Rondônia, Brazil. Of these, only Iaspis thabena (Hewitson) and I. verania represented described species. The remaining ten species, Iaspis rufa n. sp., Iaspis grandis n. sp., Iaspis rubricunda n. sp., Iaspis flava n. sp., Iaspis purpurata n. sp., Iaspis ornata n. sp., Iaspis minuta n. sp., Iaspis ambiguanota n. sp., Iaspis fumosa n. sp., and Iaspis sinenota n. sp., are described and illustrated. The results of this paper further stress the importance of carefully studying local faunal samples with reference to a consilience of internal and external features and correctly associating names with comparable constellations of characters in historical type material.