Description of a new genus and three new species of Erebidae, from Central and South America (Lepidoptera, Arctiinae, Arctiini)


  • Bernardo A. Espinoza
  • Michel Laguerre
  • J. Bolling Sullivan
  • Daniel H. Janzen
  • Winnie Hallwachs


Taxonomy, Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Arctiinae, Arctiini, Pseudapistosia, Central America, South America


We describe a new genus, Leocephaluncus Espinoza & Laguerre n. gen., with three new species of Arctiinae (Erebidae), Leocephaluncus elianahenrichae Espinoza n. sp., Leocephaluncus rafaelangelespinozai Espinoza n. sp. and Leocephaluncus boliviensis Laguerre n. sp., from Central and South America, and clarify their identification with respect to Pseudapistosia Möschler, 1878 (Arctiinae). Leocephaluncus leucocorypha (Dognin, 1914) new comb. is transferred to the new genus from Pseudapistosia. Pseudapistosia chimaera Druce, 1893 new comb. is transferred from the genus Elysius, and Pseudapistosia gigas (Dognin, 1890) rev. stat. is restored to species status. A lectotype is designated for Phalaena umber Cramer, [1776]. For the new genus Leocephaluncus, we include images of the adult males and their genitalia, data from DNA barcodes and notes on the species’ geographical distribution. In addition, we discuss the phylogenetic placement of the new genus.