The Masters of Spatial Manipulation

A Study on How Spatial Compression from COVID-19 Affects Bodybuilders' Daily Rhythms


  • Andre Merchan Revilla Florida State University


Growing spatial compression ignited by the recent surge of COVID-19 throughout the world contributes to the stagnation of bodybuilders' daily rhythms. Spatial compression is a term bolstered by the recent conditions of COVID-19, which force one to compress all the aspects of their lives, such as their work, social, and fitness lives into one location, the home. Spatial compression arising from COVID-19 has ranged from citizens being confined to their homes, to individuals being stranded in a different country. Bodybuilders have highly regimented lives, living minute to minute, and calorie to calorie. Disturbing the metabolic, mental, and peptide regulation in their bodies poses a threat to their health, the fitness industry, and the sport as a whole. To assess the extent to which the quarantine imposed by the global pandemic affected bodybuilders, surveys were sent out to 15 participants with an optional interview, in which six participants opted. The study's purpose was to pinpoint specific factors ailing bodybuilders' daily lives in the quarantine to understand better how events such as a pandemic can be mitigated to account for individuals in isolation. Results showed that spatial compression affected bodybuilders mentally through anguish suffered by the disruption of rhythmic cycles, as well as physically through exacerbating their progress. Information regarding this subject will help support the ever-increasing mental health outlook of the world in considering the effects of rapid isolation and social deprivation. This study examines individuals who have incredibly regimented natural cycles in order to determine the impact of spatial compression inflicted by COVID-19.

Author Biography

Andre Merchan Revilla, Florida State University

Andre Merchan is a second-year student studying Risk Management and Insurance at Florida State University. He is a member of the Presidential and Legal Scholars as well as Gamma Iota Sigma. His research focuses on the recent negative implications of COVID-19 on the rhythmic cycles of bodybuilding athletes.