Efecto nematicida de ocho especies vegetales en Xiphinema americanum sensu lato, en Vitis vinifera L. var Cabernet Sauvignon en Chile.


  • E. Aballay
  • P. Flores
  • V. Insunza


Alellopathy, antagonistic plants, control, Cosmos bipinnatus, Cover crops, green manures, integrated pest management, Lupinus albus, nematicidal plants


Nematicidal effect of eight plant species on Xiphinema americanum sensu latoin Vitis vinifera , var. Cabernet Sauvignon in Chile. Nematropica 31:95-102. Xiphinema americanum sensu lato is economically important in Vitis vinifera in Chile. Potential adverse effects of chemical tactics on non-target organisms and the environment dictate a need to develop alternative methods of nematode management. The objective of this work was to evaluate the nematicidal activity of eight plant species used as cover crops or as green manures for controlling X. americanum in grapevine. The plants tested were Brassica napus, Calendula officinalis , Cosmos bipinnatus , Gaillardia picta , Lupinus albus, Tagetes patula nana, Thymus vulgaris , and Zinnia elegans . These plants were compared with fenamiphos (4-kg a.i./ha), Hordeum vulgare , as a non-nematicidal plant, and another control without test plants. Nematode populations were evaluated in 250 cm 3 of soil sampled: 1) previous to sowing of cover crops