Research Papers: Efficacy of Planting Time Injections to Soil of Liquid Formulations of Three Systemic Nematicides Against Root-Knot Nematodes in Peanuts


  • R. Rodriguez-Kabana
  • P. G. Mawhinney
  • P. S. King
  • H. W. Ivey


Methods of Application, Formulations, Nematode Control, Phosphorothioates, Carbamates, Root-Knot Nematodes


Diluted liquid formulations of the systemic nematicides carbofuran (Furadan(?) 4F), oxamyl (Vydate(?) 2L), and phenamiphos (Nemacur(?) 3SC) were chisel injected at planting time for control of Meloidogyne arenaria on peanuts (Arachis hypogaea) during the 1978 and 1979 season in South Alabama. Applications of oxamyl improved the general growth of peanuts and increased yields to levels comparable to those obtained with the fumigant EDB (Soilbrom(?) 90 EC). Phenamiphos was as effective as oxamyl in the 1979 experiment but not in 1978. Significant reductions in larvae of M. arenaria in soil at the end of the season were obtained only with oxamyl and only in 1979 Application of carbofuran did not reduce larval numbers in soil and failed to improve the general appearance of plots. Injections of carbofuran significantly increased yields only when applied at rates higher than 2.2 kg ai/ha. Results indicate that injection of liquid formulations of systemic nematicides is a practical and econo