Research Notes: Rompimiento de Resistencia a Phytophthora capsici Leo. en Chile (Capsicum annuum L.) Serrano CM-34 Por Nacobbus aberrans Thorne y Allen


  • Ma. T. Vargas E.
  • E. Zavaleta-Mejia
  • A. M. Hernandez A.


Capsicum annuum, Interactions, Nacobbus aberrans, Phytophthora capsici, Resistance


The objectives of this study were: a) to determine if chili plants (Capsicum annuum L.) of Serrano CM-34 maintain their resistance to Phytophthora capsici Leo. in the presence of Nacobbus aberrans Thorne and Allen, and b) if mechanical damage is involved in the breaking of resistance to P capsici. Results indicated that resistant chili plants behaved as susceptible only when the nematode, N. aberrans, was present. Plants of Serrano CM-34 with split root systems showed wilt symptoms only in the treatments fungi + nematode together in the same root system (H + N), fungi + nematode separated (H + N) and fungi + artificial mechanical damage together (H + DMA). Only in treatments H + N and H + DMA were dead chili plants present at the end of the experiment. The fact that breaking of resistance to P capsici occurred even though a physical separation between fungi and nematodes existed in chili plants with split roots, suggests that biochemical and/or physiological alterations were invol