Gnotobiotic Culture of Pratylenchus scribneri on Carrot Discs


  • Dennis A. Lawn
  • Gregory R. Noel


Mercuric Chloride, Ceresan Nass, Streptomycin Sulfate, Sterile Culture, Lesion Nematode


Pratylenchus scribneri obtained from a field population was cultured on 'Williams 79' soybean at 32C in a growth chamber Nematodes were surface sterilized using solutions of streptomycin sulfate and either HgCl or technical grade Ceresan Nass. Effectiveness of the disinfectants was evaluated by plating surface-sterilized nematodes on potato dextrose agar and by incubating in beef nutrient broth for 7 days at 29C. P scribneri were axenic and remained viable after soaking in a disinfectant containing 100 ppm HgCl and 1000 ppm streptomycin sulfate for 2 min followed by two rinses with sterile distilled water. Nematodes were surface sterilized following migration through agar containing 5 ppm HgCl and 10 ppm streptomycin sulfate, but axenization by migration through agar containing 5 ppm Ceresan Nass and 10 ppm streptomycin sulfate was extremely toxic to P scribneri. Viable axenic nematodes obtained after soaking and migration in streptomycin sulfate and HgCl were injected into fresh car