Observaciones Sobre la Morfologia de Meloidogyne exigua con el Microscopio Electronico de Rastreo


  • Roger Lopez Ch.


Taxonomy, Coffee, Root-Knot


Males and females of two Costa Rican populations of the coffee root-knot nematode. Meloidogyne exigua Goeldi, 1887, were observed with the scanning electron microscope. Females from both populations had a relatively small and rounded labial disc, with almost rectangular amphidial openings, distinct lateral lips and semicircular, large medial lips. The medial lips were often fused to the cephalic region. The perineal patterns were oval, with thick striae, usually continuous, but interrupted at the anus level. The vulva was tvpically sunken. Males from one population had a large, oval labial disc, with the stoma as a sunken, slit-like opening in the middle. The medial lips were asymetrical and had indentations in the middle, whereas the lateral lips were trapezoidal or almost triangular. The cephalic region had one annule only Males from the other population were similar, except that the indentations in the medial lips were more pronounced, especially on the dorsal side. Lateral fields