A survey of plant-parasitic nematodes associated with forage crops in Bingol, Turkey


  • S. Yildiz
  • Z. A. Handoo
  • L. K. Carta
  • A. M. Skantar
  • D. J. Chitwood


During June 2011, a survey was conducted in four districts of Bingol province, Turkey, to investigate the occurrence, population abundance and spatial distribution of plant parasitic nematodes associated with forage crops. A total of 24 soil samples were collected and processed for this study. The plant parasitic nematodes detected in the samples included Ditylenchus microdens, Filenchus sp., Helicotylenchus platyurus, H. carolinensis, H. varicaudatus, Longidorus sp., Meloidogyne sp., Merlinius bavaricus, M. brevidens, Merlinius sp., Paratrophurus sp., Paratylenchus tenuicaudatus, Paratylenchus sp., Pratylenchoides erzurumensis, Pratylenchus crenatus, P. thornei, Sauertylenchus maximus, Trophurus sp., Tylenchorhynchus brassicae, Tylenchus exiguus, Xiphinema pachtaicum and X. index. Of these, Helicotylenchus platyurus, H. carolinensis and Paratylenchus tenuicaudatus represent new country records for Turkey. In addition, all the species identified are reported for the first time in Bingol province, Turkey. However, the host status of the forage crops to these nematodes needs to be investigated.