New data on two interesting dorylaims (Nematoda, Dorylaimida) from Iran


  • Gh. Mowlavi
  • Sh. Rajabi
  • E. Shokoohi
  • I. Mobedi
  • R. Pena-Santiago


Two interesting known dorylaims, namely Crassolabium rhopalocercum and Axonchium (Syncheilaxonchium) nairi, collected in soil of natural areas from northern Iran, were studied in depth, including detailed descriptions, a table of measurements and LM pictures. An emended diagnosis is provided for Crassolabium rhopalocercum since new relevant characters were observed, especially the presence of a well developed dorsal cell mass at the level of the cardia as well as some features of the female genital system. Iranian material was compared to previously known populations. Axonchium (S.) nairi is reported for the first time outside Europe. Iranian specimens are very similar to those described from the former Yugoslavia and differ from other European populations in their smaller general size; thus, this species may be formed of two groups of populations. Both of the species referred to above are recorded for the first time from Iran.