Reaction of wheat genotypes to a population of Heterodera avenae from Punjab, India


  • D. J. Kaur
  • I. Sharma
  • V. S. Sohu
  • N. S. Bains


Wheat varieties/lines from diverse sources were evaluated for their reaction to a population of the cereal cyst nematode (CCN), Heterodera avenae (pathotype Ha 41), from Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Of the 38 tested varieties/lines, eight had been previously rated as either resistant or moderately resistant to populations of CCN other than from Ludhiana, nine were resistant to Tilletia indica (Karnal bunt), six were derived from the BC3 population of the cross KBRL22/3*PBW343, and fifteen were synthetic lines derived from Triticum tauschi × Triticum durum. Of the varieties earlier reported resistant to CCN, two (AUS 15854 and AUS 15895) were found resistant to the Ludhiana population of the CCN, whereas AUS 15807 was only moderately resistant. Only one of the Karnal bunt resistant variety, KBRL 13, was resistant while KBRL 10, KBRL 22, CMH 77.308 and H 567.71 were moderately resistant to CCN. Of the lines from the cross KBRL22/3*PBW343, three were moderately resistant. Amongst the fifteen synthetic lines, two (Nos 19-1 and 63) were found resistant to CCN (pathotype Ha 41), Karnal bunt and leaf and stripe rusts in Ludhiana, Punjab.