Comparison of the nematicidal potentials of dried leaves of five plant species against Meloidogyne incognita infecting tomato


  • M. A. Radwan
  • E. K. El-Maadawy
  • M. M. Abu-Elamayem


The nematicidal activity of dried ground leaves of Datura stramonium, Melia azedarach, Lantana camara, Nerium oleander and Ricinus communis against the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita, infecting tomato, was assessed in a glass-house. The powdered leaves of the tested plants were incorporated into the soil at rates of 5 and 10 g/kg and their activity was compared with that of the nematicide carbofuran at the rate of 0.01 g a.i./kg. The effects of the treatments on the growth of tomato were also examined. Populations of M. incognita in the soil and root galling of tomato were significantly suppressed by dried leaves of all five plant species tested, with greatest reduction occurring in soil amended with D. stramonium, followed by soil treated with leaves of R. communis, M. azedarach, L. camara and N. oleander. The control of the nematode was best with the highest rate of application. Eradication of the nematode was obtained by amending the soil with 10 g of dried leaves of D. stramonium/kg. All amendments, except leaves of N. oleander, significantly improved the growth of tomato.