Bursaphelenchus sinensis sp. n. and B. thailandae Braasch et Braasch - Bidasak in packaging wood from China


  • A. Marinari Palmisano
  • L. Ambrogioni
  • Ch. Tomiczek
  • M. Brandstetter


Bursaphelenchus sinensis sp. n., found in coniferous wood (Pinus sp.) introduced from China as packaging material into Liefering (near Salzburg, Austria), is described and illustrated. The new species is characterized by relatively small body length, females and males averaging 540 and 594 pm respectively, a stylet length of 12-13 pm, lateral field about 1/8-1113 of the maximum body width with two lines. The male spicules are unusual for the genus, separate, with a squared condylus, somewhat ventrally bent, rostrum not clearly differentiated, a ventral limb appearing anteriorly thickened and posteriorly weak and membranous. On the male, one single ventral and one pair of subventral preanal papillae, one pair of adanal sensilla without evident external structure, one pair of postanal papillae and gland openings at the beginning of the bursa, small oval bursa with central appendage. Female with a small vulval flap, tail conical, almost straight or slightly recurved ventrally, terminus almost pointed or rounded, sometimes with a small mucro. Bursaphelenchus thailandae Braasch et Braasch-Bidasak, was also recovered from the same wood sample containing B. sinensis sp. n. and some notes and morphometric data are given for the population.