Resistance to Meloidogyne javanica race 3 in the Arachis gene pool


  • S. B. Sharma
  • L. J. Reddy
  • P. J. Bramel
  • M. A. Ansari


Forty six accessions of wild Arachis spp, in sections Arachis, Procumbentes, Heteranthae, Erectoides, and Caulorhizae were evaluated in a glasshouse for resistance to Meloidogyne javanica race 3. Based on numbers and size of galls, galled area of root, and numbers of egg masses, two accessions of A. cclrdenasii (ICG 13237, ICG 15175) in section Artlchis and three accessions of A. sylvestris (ICG 15142, ICG 15147, ICG 15164) in section Heteranthae were highly resistant. The origin of these accessions was in Bolivia (ICG 15175, ICG 13237) and Brazil (ICG 15142, ICG 15147, ICG 15164). Gall and egg mass ratings of all the accessions indicated that resistance varied within species. Of the eight A. duranensis accessions tested, one was resistant (ICG 13183), one moderately resistant (ICG 8203), three susceptible (ICG 13185, ICG 13194, and ICG 13201) and three highly susceptible (ICG 13206, ICG 13217, and ICG 13218). There were large differences in gall number, size, and egg mass number on some accessions; accession ICG 15141 (A. villosa) had 15-20 galls and 1-5 egg masses while ICG 15172 (A. glandulz/era) had more galls than egg masses, All the tested accessions of sections Procumbentes, Caulorhiztle and Erectoides were susceptible,