Reproduction of six populations of Pratylenchus spp. from the Mediterranean region on selected plant species


  • M. Di Vito
  • F. Catalano
  • G. Zaccheo


Investigations were undertaken in 1999-2001 to assess the reproduction of six populations of root lesion nematodes, three of Pratylenchus thornei from Italy, Morocco and Tunisia, one of P. neglectus from Italy, one of P. pinguicaudatus from Tunisia and one of P. penetrans from Algeria, on 15 plant species in a glasshouse at 22 ±2 0c. The numbers of nematodes of three populations of P. thornei in the roots of chickpea, pea, faba bean and durum wheat were larger than those from the remaining plant species. Few nematodes were found in the roots of sugarbeet, pepper, eggplant and sunflower. Durum wheat, burley, tomato, French bean and faba bean were very good hosts for P. neglectus. Alfalfa, eggplant, lentil, melon, pea, sunflower and sugarbeet were also good hosts and chickpea, pepper and peanut were poor hosts for P. neglectus. Pea, French bean, faba bean, chickpea, alfalfa, peanut and lentil were good hosts for P. penetrans. P. pinguicaudatus reproduced better on faba bean, lentil and pea than on the other plants.