Studies on host range of the normal and giant faba bean races of Ditylenchus dipsaci


  • B. Augustin
  • R. A. Sikora


The results of a survey on the host status of weeds in Vicia /aba fields in Syria to the giant faba bean race of Ditylenchus dipsaci showed that Ranunculus aroensis, Convolvulus aroensis, and Avena sterilis were good hosts. A similar study of weeds in fields in Germany infested with the normal faba bean race demonstrated that A trip lex patula, 5tellaria media, Lamium amplexicule, and Polygonum persicaria are good hosts.Field trials in Syria showed that indigenous plants acted as hosts of D. dipsaci on fallow land, thereby, insuring future damage to the succeeding faba bean crop. Field trials conducted in Germany demonstrated that in addition to faba bean, onion, phlox and oats were good hosts and white clover, tobacco, phacelia, sugar beet and maize were fair hosts of the normal faba bean race.