Distribution of Trichodorids in the vineyards of the Province of Trento (Northeastern Italy)


  • M. I. Coiro
  • T. J. W. Alphey
  • A. Agostinelli


This survey describes the distribution of Trichodorid nematodes in the grapevine plantations of the Province of Trento. Four species were recorded, including the first Italian record of Trichodorus primitivus de Man. In the survey 300 vineyards were sampled in the main vine growing areas. Sixty-nine positive sites containing 79 trichodorid populations were located. The maps showed the geographical distribution of each species. T. viruliferus Hooper was the most commonly found species and had a uniform distribution in the vineyards with sandy soils, in the plains, hills and mountains of six valleys. Paratrichodorus teres Hooper was the next most prevalent species and was found in samples from the Adige and the Cembra valleys, always in old vineyards growing in sandy soils on the plains. Populations of the other two species T. sparsus Szczygiel and T. primitivus were restricted in both number and distribution. Trichodorus sparsus was found in the Sarca valley in both old and young vineyards in sandy soils on the plains. Trichodorus primitivus was found, in very low numbers, in the Adige and the Lagarina valleys, restricted to young vineyards with sandy loam, loamy sand and clay soils on the plains and the hills.