Effect of oil-cakes used alone and in combination with aldicarb on Meloidogyne infecting tomato


  • Dolly Bhattacharya
  • B. K. Goswami


Among the various soil amendments evaluated against nematode, oil cakes have been found to be very promising (Singh, 1965; Singh and Sitaramaiah, 1966 and 1973; Goswami and Swarup, 1971; Khan et al., 1973; Mishra and Prasad, 1974; Goswami and Vijayalakshmi, 1981), but they have not been effectively exploited. A major limitation of their use is the large quantities required per unit area for soil treatment and this combined with their limited availability generally makes their use uneconomical in most circumstances. However, in addition to any nematicidal properties, oil cakes contain N, P and K and their use in combination with a chemical nematicide might be an economical and effective way for nematode population management with the additional contribution to plant nutrition. Combinations of different quantities of neem and groundnut cakes with aldicarb were evaluated in a pot trial for the control of Meloidogyne incognita on tomato.