Investigation on the root lesion nematode, Pratylenchus thornei, in Syria


  • N. Greco
  • M. Di Vito
  • M. C. Saxena
  • M. V. Reddy


Experiments were undertaken under field conditions in Syria, in 1983-1987, to investigate host range and chemical control of Pratylenchus thornei, and the reaction of chickpea lines to this nematode. The reproduction of the nematode on 24 plant species and on 97 chickpea lines was tested in an infested field in 1983-1984. Trials to control P. thornei by seed and soil treatments with aldicarb were established in 1983-1987. P. thornei reproduced well on leguminous plant species, except on grasspea, lettuce, potato, cauliflower and cereals. Very low root infestations were observed on carrot, radish, coriander, spinach and sugarbeet, while turnip, rashad, parsley and kumboz were free of nematodes. All chickpea lines were susceptible to the nematode. Soil treatments with 5-10 kg a.i. of aldicarb/ha greatly suppressed nematode root invasion and increased chickpea yield, but seed treatments were ineffective.