Effect of root-knot nematodes on the phenolic contents of barley and wheat


  • M. A. Rezk
  • I. K.A. Ibrahim
  • A. A.M. Ibrahim


The effects of Meloidogyne incognita races 1 (MI·l) and 3 (MI·3) and M. javanica on the phenolic content of barley and wheat roots were determined. The initial phenolic content in healthy roots of barley cv. Bonus was lower than that of cv. CC 163. The concentration of phenolic content in Bonus roots infected with MI-3 was increased, while decreased in case of MI·1 infection. Conversely, the phenolic content of CC 163 roots infected with MI·1 was increased, while decreased with MI-3 infection. Amounts of total phenol, in healthy roots of wheat cv. Stork were less than those of cv. Giza 155. On the other hand, the total phenols were decreased in roots of cv. Giza 155 infected with M. javanica while increased in Stork infected roots. However, amounts of phenols in Stork (resistant) infected roots were higher than those of Giza 155 (susceptible) healthy and infected roots.