Longidorus major, a new Longidoridae species from Italy


  • F. Roca
  • F. P. D'Errico


A species of Longidorus collected in central Italy during a survey of Longidoridae was reported in the Atlas of Plant Parasitic Nematodes of Italy (Roca et Lamberti, 1985) as L. magnus Lamberti, Bleve-Zacheo et Arias 1982. Re-examination of the Latium specimens has revealed some differences of the first juvenile stage and adult females from those of L. magnus collected from the type locality and in the neighbouring Aprutium region. Closer examination confirmed the identity of the Aprutium p~pulations as L. magnus but indicated that the Latium populations belonged to a seperate species. Therefore, the populations from Latium previously identified as L. magnus must be considered as new and are described here as Longidorus major sp. n. Soil samples were collected at Colonna, near Rome, from the rhizosphere of grapevine in autumn 1986; measurements and observations were done on this fresh material. Nematodes were extracted from soil samples by the Cobb wet sieve technique, killed and fixed in 5% hot formalin and mounted in glycerin on nematolgy slides by the slow method. Specimens were measured with the aid of a camera lucida.