Trichodorus castellanensis Arias Delgado, Jimenez Millan et Lopez Pedregal, a junior synonym of Trichodorus primitivus (de Man)


  • M. Arias
  • F. Roca


Arias, Jimenez and Lopez (1965) described Trichodorus castellanensis from individuals collected at Segovia (Spain) from the rhizosphere of Ulmus sp. Loof (1975), in examining one male and one female of the species, pointed out that the female did not differ in any respect from T. primitivus (de Man, 1880) Micoletzky, 1922. Furthermore, he observed that the male spicules, although not very distinct because of poorly fixed material, appeared similar in shape to those of T. primitivus. He suggested to examine fresh material for establishing the definitive taxonomic status. Decraemer (1980) too, in her review of Trichodoridae, stated that T. castellanensis cannot be identified. To examine these doubts soil samples were collected in December 1985 from around the roots of Ulmus sp. at the type locality of T. castellanensis. Nematodes were extracted by the Cobb wet sieve technique, killed and fixed in 5% hot formalin and mounted in glycerin on nematology slides by the slow method. Specimens were measured with the aid of a camera lucida.