Xiphinema porosum sp. n. (Nematoda, Dorylaimida) from Italy


  • F. Roca
  • A. Agostinelli


An extensive survey to investigate the geographical distribution of longidorid nematodes in Italy was carried out in various regions in the period 1971-1973. In a single sample collected from permanent pasture at Tolfa, near Lake Bracciano, in the province of Rome, a Xiphincmo species resembling X. turcicum (Luc ct Dalmasso, 1963) was found. This was not reported in the «Atlas of Plant Parasitic Nematodes of Italy» (Roc) and Lamberti, 1985) because of the doubtful identification from a few individuals. Additional material was collected recently and specimens were studied more carefully. The species appeared to be new and is described here as Xiphil1cma porosum sp. n. Nematodes were extracted from soil samples by the Cobb wet sieve technique, killed and fixed in 5% hot formalin and mounted in glycerin on nematology slides by the slow method. Specimens were measured with the aid of a camera lucida.