Simple plastic sieves, and hair loops, for handling nematodes, cysts, egg masses and eggs


  • M. Antoniou


To facilitate large-scale hatching experiments with Meloidogyne naasi (Franklin, 1965) a simple means of handling individual egg masses was needed. Buecher et al. (1973) described sieves, of 13 mm outside diameter, of metal mesh cemented to glass tubing. I have adapted the heat welding principle (Pitcher and Flegg, 1968) to make miniature sieves by cutting the barrel of a disposable plastic syringe (7 mm diam) into 3 mm long sections using a heated scalpel blade. Nylon mesh 1 (mesh size according to need) was cut into 1 cm2 pieces and placed onto an electric hot plate (180°C) with a syringe section on top. A few seconds pressure on the ring shaped section was sufficient to weld the nylon mesh firmly on to the softened base of the ring. The nylon mesh has a melting point of 250°C and remains undamaged at 180°C. The sieves were washed well in running tap water before being ready for use. Such sieves float in most aqueous solutions and need no supporting legs.